We are building the largest cryptocurrency-based health and wellness community on the planet. Our KAIROS coin is telemedicine, health and wellness sports fitness platform that rewards users with cryptocurrency for participating in health care and sports activities.


The initial supply of KAIROS token is 100,000,000. Tokens with a total supply of 100,000,000(1 billion) through above and 40% coin is for development and KAIROS is deployed on Ethereum platform and uses MetaMask manifesto.

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Purpose of KAIROS

Our coin is using the KAIROS network and it has some benefits:

Transparency and Trust

To provide basic healthcare to the entire world and sports programmes while maintaining transparency and trust. The ultimate goal of KAIROS is constructing a solid global healthcare utility, an advanced platform that will benefit the entire patient population and medical community, and in which anyone can participate as a user and token holder.

Health Care Ecosystem

KAIROS will evolve into a complete healthcare ecosystem with digital access for the global patient/doctor population.



December 2022


  • Project founded
  • Social Media Accounts Created
December 2022

Jan 2023


  • Tele-health
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • KAIROS Coin
Jan 2023

February 2023


  • KAIROS Coin ICO (Website)
  • Coin + APP launch
  • Land of specialty services.
February 2023

March 2023


  • (Telehealth + Welhen launch
  • Land of world health
  • Medical center
March 2023

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth refers to the usage of telecommunications era to supply care and fitness offerings remotely. It permits folks that want hosddpital treatment to hook up with their healthcare carriers from the privateness in their houses through smart-phones, tablets, and computers.

Telehealth additionally encompasses fitness-associated schooling of offerings like diabetes control and vitamins courses. It isn’t the same as telemedicine, which refers greater narrowly to the transport of medicine care virtually. Telehealth often includes remote monitoring of blood pressure, coronary heart rate, and different tools are more and more applied for the collection, dissemination or even evaluation of fitness popularity because of their growing presence across the globe, even in far off, underserved communities.

Medical blockchain with safety and security

In the healthcare sector, blockchain has a wide range of applications and functions. Blockchain is a powerful technology that enables secure data between multiple parties. While the privacy and security of health data is paramount, it is a major challenge for digital health, where improved services cannot be achieved without the coordination of patient data management across health care systems and the ability to apply population-based analytics medical data. 


The KAIROS app is built on top of KAIROS existing patient data routing and Al-assisted technologies which will soon be block-chain enabled with the introduction of life chain. Because of its ease of use, it has become the go-to resource for anyone seeking guidance on a health-related issue. It’s one-touch system that connects any patient with a doctor via video telemedicine, regardless of where the user is located. All patient information is securely encrypted and hashed to blockchain-based eh

The KAIROS for doctor’s social network on the KAIROS platform provides patient referrals, tools for doctors’ daily practice, and real-time reporting of epidemiological data for our clients and researchers. The KAIROS platform, which serves all client sizes and needs, combines its app and KAIROS for doctors practice platform to provide high-end services such as real-time geographic epidemiological data reporting Al-driven treatment and diagnosis suggestions for doctors in the institution or private practice, massive access to patient populations for preventive campaigns, and KAIROS advanced proprietary tools such as its Al-assisted electronic health record.

A medical token currency is a universal native token and it is the fuel that powers the services offered by KAIROS. Already in discussions with healthcare institutions, governments, and partners to make MTC the preferred token for their own upcoming and existing medical services as they transition to decentralized platforms. We anticipate that MTC will be used for a variety of purposes, including payment and remittance, in the broader healthcare industry and any other industry.

KAIROS is also expanding into genomics and constructing a decentralized hospital system that is not only digital but also standardizes primary care through mobile clinics under the KAIROS vision. The life chain is the system’s spinal cord, incentivizing the use of KAIROS services while providing a level of transparency in data use that no other healthcare provider in the world has.

Truststness & Security

100% Secured – To ensure token contract security and compliance, The Enterapp Token smart contract was audited twice by two firms: Certik and Secure Block. Further, Counos Platform has certified the Team KYC.

We are building the largest cryptocurrency-based health and wellness community on the planet. 

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